Saturday, 30 July 2011

Losing WEIGHT! - Tip 5

Let's continue losing weight with tip number 5!!!

I have gotten this tip from the latest Men's Health Magazine, the Singapore edition~

I was kinda shocked when I read about it!

So, I would love to share it with you guys! =)

Tip 5 - Eat more "sambal belacan" to burn more calories!!!

Hahaha.. It's kinda weird right? But, listen to this explanation!

 < It's because, our body temperature will increase when we eat something spicy and that is why, we can burn more calories when our body temperature is high! >

Besides! I have read about "benefits of spicy food" from!

Indeed! It is true! Spicy food does increases metabolism! Helping to burn calories QUICKLY!

So, now I understand why some people sweat so much when they eat spicy food~

Thus, do eat more spicy foods to lose more weight! =)

I recommend you all... the DEADLY HOT & SPICY "CHILLI PADIsssss" !!! 

Have fun eating spicy foods and SWEAT it out!!! teee heee~ =)

P/S : Caution! DO NOT eat spicy foods too excessively though~ Or else, you will be exactly like the picture shown above! teee heeee~~~ =)

Chinese Steam Cake~ ("gai dan gou")

Chinese Steam Cake!!! This is a traditional Chinese cake~

From my own personal experience, it's really tough to make this cake... unlike the previous chocolate moist cake that I have made! It was way easier~ huhu...I have tried to make this cake for about 4 times! 

Trying all sorts of different recipes...steaming the cake for a longer time...adding more baking powder..
...bla bla bla...

AND! Finally! I have managed to make a successfully one~ yeahhhhhhh!!! =)

It tastes great! My parents, grandparents and little cousins all love it~ =)

Especially, my little cousin sister..she said she can eat the whole cake all alone! hahaha... cute girl~

It was really GREAT when you realize that someone appreciates your effort and hard work~

I am most happy when seeing my family members eating my own made cake~ tee heee...=)

So, here is the recipe~

Do enjoy making this traditional cake~ =)

These are the ingredients:
A) 6 eggs
B) 200gram of Castor sugar
C) 170gram of flour
D) 1/2 tsp of baking powder

1) Beat the eggs and Castor sugar for about 15 minutes.

Mixture of eggs and Castor sugar

Beat the mixture with an electric mixer or a whisk

After stirring the mixture for quite some time, it will sort of raise

The mixture has raised
 2) Then, put the flour into the mixture of eggs and Castor sugar.

3) Stir the mixture for another 10 minutes until the flour and mixture are all well-mixed.


4) Meanwhile, heat up the steamer and baking pan so that the cake will be able to raise better.

*Put a greasy paper on the baking pan. But since I do not have any greasy paper, I used an aluminum foil... and it works well too! =) *

5) After that, pour the batter into the baking pan and cover it with another aluminum foil so that the moisture will not drop onto the cake when being steamed.

Make sure there is space for the cake to, do not cover too tightly

6) Steam the cake with high heat for about 20-25 minutes.

That's it!!! The cake is done! =)

It's really kinda easy to make this cake right?

So, happy trying!!! =)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Captain America is AWESOME!!!

I had just watched Captain America!!! teee heee~~~ =)

It was really AWESOMEEEE~~~ 

Love the story line! and definitely, Captain America is really HOTTT!!! awwwwww~~~ =)

I'll give it 4 out 5 stars for the movie!!!

Do watch it guys!!!

I don't wanna expose too much about the movie, so, just watch it guys! =)

P/S: Guys!!! the leading actress is kinda HOTTT too! tee hee~ =) Enjoyyyyyyy~~~~

Freebies!!! teeeheee~

Yippy!!! Finally! My two FREE PENS from STABILO have arrived yesterday! =)

I was so excited when I saw that there is a letter for me! Coz... I will only receive a letter once in a blue sad right? I know! But who caresss??? =P

This time! when i open the mail box, I saw my name! Weeeeeee~~~

And to add to my excitement, it's from STABILO!!! I knew that what I have registered for, has finally arrived!


At first, when my friend ask me to register for it..I was like...*Sure or not de??? freeee??? for real???*
I even have fill up my personal particulars and all...bla bla bla...kinda tedious right? =.=

But, anyway, I did registered for harm right? I'll just try...
And, to my excitement! I have finally got it!

So, here are the 2 pens from Stabilo! thanks Stabilo~ =)

The two pens from STABILO!!!

Btw, the pens are really good! I can write with it smoothly and fast~ =)

You guys can still redeem these free pens!!!

Go to this link;!/STABILOMALAYSIA
Click "PERFORMER sample redemption" and fill up the particulars!!!

Then, just wait for your pens to arrive~ =)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Losing WEIGHT! - Tip 4

I have gotten a new tip from Reader's Digest Magazine!!! Here is it~~~ =)

Tip 4 - Snooze your way to slimness!!!

I love this tip the most!!! =) Who can ever thought that we can lose weight even when we are SLEEPING???

According to the magazine, a study has found that those who have 5 hours' sleep a night are 50% more likely to be obese as than those getting 7-9 hours' sleep!

So, sleep more... and lose more!!! =)

Happy sleeping = happy losing~  hehehehe... =)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cute RAYA Pop-Up CARDS for SALE!!!

Since Hari Raya is just around the corner, TonyHandCraft has come up with some new designs!!!

Cute RAYA Cards which you can never find outside the market!!!

So, send you love and best wishes to your friends, family and loved ones with these one of a kind cards!

There are altogether 4 designs to be chosen from!

Each card only costs RM 10!!!
Postage fees is RM4, for Pos Express!

So, altogether is only RM14!
I guess it's really a very reasonable price for a card which is FULLY HANDMADE with love, patience and hard work~ =)
AND, remember! You can NEVER find these designs outside the market~ =)

So, what are you waiting for???
Place your order now and surprise your loved ones!!! =)

Take a look at these 4 designs below and be amazed!!! =)

Card 1 - front

Card 2 - inside

Card 2 - front

Card 2 - inside
Card 3 - front
Card 3 - inside
Card 4 - front
Card 4 - inside

For further information or to order, please go to this link below:!/pages/TonyHandCraft-DrawSendLove/183766995012528


Email to

Feel free to visit his blog too!! for more cute designs~~~ =)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Losing WEIGHT! - Tip 3

After watching biggest loser today, I have gotten the THIRD tip!!! This tip is given by Gillian, the trainer!

Tip 3 - When you are walking or running on the treadmill, DO NOT HOLD the side rails (bars or grips) as it will decrease your calories loss by 20-30 %!!!

Thus, let go of the rails when you are on a treadmill to maximize your calories burning rate!!!
If you feel that you are about to fall off, just decrease the speed~ =)

So, enjoy yourself on the treadmill whenever you have the chance to be in the gym!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Losing WEIGHT! - Tip 2

Okay! so, let's continue losing weight with tip number 2!
I got this tip from Men's Health magazine~

Tip 2 - Eat your meals at a snail's pace!

*The suggested period of time to finish a meal is TWO HOURS!  Goshhhhhhh!!!*
I know it sounded kinda weird and tedious as I myself was shocked to, when I read about it...=.=

Who will take 2 hours to finish a meal??? It's really a waste of time and tedious especially when we are so busy with work, school, all kinds of chores and etc.... >.<

However, according to the magazine; a Dutch study finds that taking breaks as you eat may keep you fuller for a longer time.

Besides! according to and, if you eat slower, you will end up consuming less calories!
*I guess this is because we will get tired of eating after eating for such a LONGGGGG time... hahaha*
 < That's just my opinion...teeeheee! >

Nevertheless, the real reason is that our brain takes about 20 minutes to register that we are full!

Furthermore, according to the 2 websites, they mentioned that we can actually lose 20 POUNDS a year! Without doing anything different or eating anything different!
*WOW!!! this is definitely a good news right? Losing weight without doing exercise, dieting or even starving!*

Thus, let's all try eating slower starting from now onwards~ hehehe... giving more time for our brain to register and tells us that we are FULL as well as losing as much as 20 POUNDS without doing anything! =)

P/S: No wonder my friend who eats VERY VERY SLOW is so darn skinny! Now I know his SECRET! =) Hopefully I can apply this tip...huhu...but frankly speaking, I would rather work out more! than eating slowly like a SNAIL! teehee...=) 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Losing WEIGHT! - Tip 1

I'm always interested in finding out tips for losing weight! Thus, I have decided to share them with you all! =) You guys can share some tips with me too if you all have any~ hehehe...

So, I'll start off today with tip number ONE~

Tip 1 - Drink milk rather than energy drink after exercising!

This is because milk helps to rehydrate and helps muscles growth~

P/S: I got this tip from Men's Health Magazine as well as from Bob, the trainer from Biggest Loser!

Btw, I love to watch this reality show! *peace*

Exactly ONE more MONTH to go!

I have been waiting...and waiting... to go to KUCHING!!! where I can eat a lot of good food!!! =)

*I miss kolo mee... huhu... *
FYI, It's very famous in Kuching! You should never miss it if you are in Kuching! Highly recommended by me! =)

P/S: However, sorry to say... kolo mee is not halal..take note of dear friends~ =)

My flight is on the 20th of August! huhu... So, finally.... I have exactly ONE MORE MONTH to go!!! >.<

Sad to say... I really hate LONGGGGGGGGGG holidays!
Especially, when I have nothing else to do...except for being online...and...facebook-ing!

Urghhhh!!! I need to do some cooking and baking soon~ and blog about some of my secret recipes~~~ hehehe...

Okay..enough babbling for now...till then...chiao~ =)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My first facial experience!

Okay! So, finally! today I went to have my facial! My first facial in my 23 years of life...huhuhu...I know it sounds quite pathetic for a girls normally go for facial, manicure, pedicure, etc every now and then...but, not for me...huhu..
FYI, my mum has been nagging at me every time she looked at my tanned face after the tennis tournament...>.<

*Mum: Aiyo!!! your face looks really dark lo! You better go and do facial A.S.A.P! I won't let you play under the sun anymore!
Me: Yala..yala...i will...soon...*, the "soon" is today!

The facial lasted for 2 hours...
The beautician cleans up my face and then gave me a massage...
The massage is the climax!!! This is because...I never thought that she was that strong...I was suffering rather than enjoying the massage...and I could still feel the pain now! huhuhu....
She added that, if I feel the pain, it means I have health problem...
Oh noooooo!!! I really feel it!!! even till i have that much health problem? Or is she too strong and massage me too hard??? >.<

However! I really looked fairer after the facial! yeahhhhh~~~ and my face is definitely cleaner now~ =)

Next facial??? maybe next year! hahaha... anyway, this facial is kinda cheap I's only RM50 for a 2 hours facial~ =)

Interested? do ask me for more details about the beauty parlour~~~ =)
Nevertheless, a lil bit advice from me, you really need to be able to stand the pain when she massages you~ LOL....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The outcome of MASUM 2011

MASUM 2011(Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia) was a really memorable experience for me!
I have joined MASUM since my first year in UPM, representing the UPM badminton team...after which, I switched to tennis in 2nd year and 3rd year!
I started to learn tennis during my 2nd yr, 1st semester! It was then I found out that I am quite talented in playing tennis...hehehe...
*if only i know how to play tennis earlier!!! I could have played better now...huhuhu..or even have the chance to represent my state! (dreaming mode) =) *

I felt so lucky to be able to represent my was an experience which money can't buy! =)
Getting to know my teammates and having lots of fun with them really made me miss them a lot after MASUM was over! huhuhu...*sob sob*

I was so proud of my teammates this year!!! Girls got 2nd placing! and the guys got 3rd placing!
 What a great achievement! =)

UPM Girls Tennis Team! <3

Me and my doubles partner! =)
The prize giving ceremony!
My beloved teammates! Miss them muchie! =)
This is my medal~~~ SILVER! =)
My tanned face!!!  
The tanned face was the reason why my mum kept nagging at me ever since I was back from MASUM! =(
*Okay, mum..I will go and do my facial A.S.A.P!!!*

Hopefully, I can still continue my MASUM journey for the last time next year! It will be my final year already! Time flies~~~~ =)

MASUM chapter... To Be Continued.... Hopefully...*fingers crossed* =)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Chocolate Moist Cake~~~

This the SECRET RECIPE of my successful CHOCOLATE MOIST CAKE~ =) 
I have baked this cake for quite a number of times! My family, relatives and friends all love it~
Thus, I would like to share this recipe with you guys!
Do try it out~ You might not succeed in your first trial..but, do not give up! As practice makes perfect! 
It's really simple! Just follow the steps below..and enjoy baking~  =)

(A) 180g butter, 200g caster sugar, 200g full cream evaporated milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
(B) 2 eggs, slightly beaten with fork
(C) 100g plain flour, 50g cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda

1) Combine (A) in a saucepan. Stir over low heat until the butter melts and sugar dissolves. Turn off the fire and keep warm.

2) Sift (C) into a large mixing bowl. Then pour (A) and (B) over the flour and stir well.

3) Heat up the steamer.
4) Pour the batter into a baking pan and cover the top with an aluminum foil.

5) Put the pan into the steamer and steam over medium heat for 45 minutes.

Chocolate topping (use double boil to cook the chocolate)

1/4 of a bar of baking chocolate, whipping cream

1) Chop the chocolate into pieces and put them into a metal bowl.
2) Add whipping cream into it. (If you want the chocolate to be more runny and lighter, add more whipping cream) 
3) Put the bowl into a pot with boiling water. The fire needs to be low and not too hot.

4) Stir until all the chocolate melts.

P/S: If the water is boiling, turn off the fire as direct heat or too much heat will ruin the chocolate.

This is the final product! My very own chocolate moist cake! Yummy yummy! =)

Shopping at Times Square!

The word "SHOPPING" always makes me feel excited!

Especially in Times Square as I just love their affordable bargains!
RM15, RM25 and RM30 per piece!
I know the quality is questionable...but who cares?! I just go for the designs! I can have more different designs with lesser money spent... anyway, I normally go for QUANTITY rather than QUALITY! as new fashions come and go very fast even before you realize it...

So, I went shopping at Times Square with my brother and his girlfriend yesterday~ Rather than rotting at home, i rather tag along...even though I knew that I will be a "BIG LIGHT BULB"! LOL....

I was very excited when I went in to the first few shops...there are quite a number of new arrivals! but..after that, I have started to get bored...huhuhuhu...almost every shop is selling the same design... * I knew that all along...but still! I wanna go thru every shop until I "drop" the saying..."SHOP til you DROP!*
(the pathetic me...LOL)

Hence, at last, I managed to buy a blouse for RM25 and a long dress for RM24.90! I really love the long dress! never knew that I looked kinda good in it~ <3

My next shopping trip to Times Square should be at least in September!!! Hopefully there will be more new designs~ =)

P/S :
One thing makes me laugh while shopping is that...seeing people trying on fury jackets and posing in front of the mirror! hahaha...first thing first! Why on earth they sell fury jackets here in Malaysia??? and secondly! I just couldn't think of why there are people buying's not that Malaysia is snowing or what...
OR, maybe they are going to KOREA? (suggested by my boyfriend) LOL....maybe it is true~ or is it due to the strong addiction to KOREAN STARS FEVER??? hahahaha...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cute Pop-Up Cards For Sale!!!

Check out TonyHandCraft for CUTE & AMAZING Pop-UP Cards! Cards which you cant easily find outside the market~

So, start spreading your love to your loved ones by sending them a CUTE Pop-UP card to show how much you cherish them!

There are a lot of designs to be chosen from!

Cute animal designs, cartoon designs, and etc!

And the best part is!!! You can customize your own cards! Choose the designs, colours, and cartoon characters which you like!

The price of cards is ranging from RM8 to RM10, depending on the complexity of the design.

Postage is RM4 for Pos Express.

Take a look at the few examples of cards and be amazed!!! =)

Angry bird!!! - RM 8

Angry bird collection!!! This is for display only.
Cute animals design! This is a display of animal designs.

Abundance Love - RM 8

Domokun design!!! - RM 10

Gaby Giraffe!!! - RM 8
Bee Hive design!!! - RM 8

Happy <3- RM 8

Hello Kitty wedding card!!! - RM 10

Cute penguin couple!!! - RM 8

Snoopy design!!! - RM10

Snoopy design!!! - RM10

Wanna see more cute and creative designs???

Check out the link below!

Interested to order those lovely cute cards??? You can place your order at the link mentioned above!


EMAIL to!!! =)

Finally! My own blog~

Finally! I have decided to have my OWN BLOG~

The lazy me will try to be hardworking to write! *fingers crossed* =X

Write about something, everything and just anything... that's what I call; "bla-bla-bla" 

I will start my bla-bla-bla journey from now onwards!

Look forward to my blablabla-ing~ There are more to come~ =)