Saturday, 22 June 2013

Semester Break! Yeahhhh!

It has been agesssss since I last updated my blog! Huhuhu...
Guess that I am just to lazy to blog... hahaha...
Nevertheless, since it's a LONG semester break, I'll try to blog more often~ hehe...
Especially on the many new recipes which I have tried!
So, stay tuned! =P

P/S: Can't wait to spend a whole month in Kuching again!
       Miss kolo mee and pork satay very much! Yummm yummm~

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kuching Sarawak

I went to Kuching, Sarawak again this year! 
And.. this time.. I got to see the orangutans!!! =)
They are at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
The centre is about 45 mins drive from Kuching town
The orangutans here are not caged. They live freely in the jungle! I have only seen caged ones in zoos~ 
So, this is my first time watching orangutans which are free to roam everywhere they like in the jungle!!! Actually, at first I'm kinda afraid that they will attack humans. But, they didn't of course! Hahaha... So, don't worry! They will not harm anyone! =)

This is the centre~
Price list for the ticket and the orangutan feeding time~
 You can only see the orangutans during the feeding time! As during this time, they will be out to get food! =)
Different price for non-Malaysians

The ticket counter~
 You need to buy your ticket before driving in to the centre. The ticket counter is just outside~ You can definitely see it when you arrive at the centre. =)

My ticket~ RM5.00 =)

 Arrived at the main entrance to the jungle! There is a parking space near the entrance.

There is a public toilet here, don't worry~ haha.. Besides, you can also buy drinks here! =)

Walking in the jungle to meet the orangutans! =)
Me and dear! =)
Again! haha.. =)

Pictures of the families of orangutans~

Everybody is waiting for the orangutans~
We are asked to keep quiet while watching the orangutans as noises might scare them away.
So, sHhhHhhhhhHHhhhhh~~~ hahaha...
And... we are not allowed to feed them! Remember! =P
They are here!!!
The ranger will put some fruits on the platform and the orangutans will take their food there~
I saw them eating watermelon, papaya, pineapple, and coconut!
I think they love coconuts! This is because, I saw a orangutan trying to get some coconut from another's so funny.. as if it is persuading the other to give him some of the coconut..haha...and at last, it still failed to get some of the coconut! Too bad... =P
It's amazing to watch how they eat the coconuts! They will peel the husks and then knock the coconut against the tree to break it! They are really smart! =)

Here are some friendly reminders to be taken note!

The orangutan is taking food from the ranger~
 There is only one orangutan which came as near as this!!! huhu...

 All the orangutans will go back to the jungle after they have eaten. Too bad.. I din't get to see Richie! The oldest orangutan there... he's huge! >.<
 Nevertheless, I am happy to see some of the orangutans! and there is one..with a baby hanging on to her! It was so cute! =)
Think nature, Love Nature, Be with nature~ <3
 Do come and see the orangutans yourself if you have a chance! =)
And enjoy the nature~ hehehe...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

School holidays!!! Finally... yeahhhh~~~

It had been ages since I last posted here!!! I was really busy with my practical!
 Finally... I have 2 weeks of school holidays! This is definitely a benefit of being a teacher~ =)
My last 6 weeks are filled with lots of joy, laughter and sorrow too... especially when I need to plan my endless lessons and handling my students' various attitude... huhu...
Nevertheless, I had lots of fun teaching sometimes they can be really cute and innocent! =)
Looking forward to finish up my practical... in another 2 months time!
But... I bet I will miss my students after that... huhu.... >.<
But....I will definitely be very happy when my practical is over!
hahahahahaha... =)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Final Paper in my 4 years of studying in UPM!

I will be having my final paper in my 4 years of studying in UPM tomorrow!!! Wheeeee~~~
However, this means that I need to leave for my practical already.... HUHU...
*mood: scared and sad*
I will really miss my uni life dearly! Miss playing sports especially... my friends in college... and my beloved MASUM teammates...huhu... =(
Hopefully I will be back to do my masters! *fingers crossed* 
College-mates and MASUM teammates...please wait for my return! haha... =P

Saturday, 25 February 2012

My PRETTY handphone casing!

This is my PRETTY handphone casing!!! 

Decorated by me and my boyfriend~ 
I just love my new hobby! <3
I get very excited once I managed to form the designs that I want~~~ tee heee~~~ =)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Twist of Luck Biscuits recipe~~~

Twist of luck biscuits are one of my favourite biscuits!!!
So, I thought... maybe I should try making them myself since I got the recipe! hahaha...
This is the first time I'm making it...and it really tastes good! =)
The texture is not that hard like the ones I bought outside, the texture is softer and it's more like cookies.

Hence, here is the recipe! Do try making it! =)

A: 250g plain flour, 75g icing sugar, pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp of baking powder.
B: 75g vegetable shortening, 1 egg, 1 tbsp of water, just enough oil for deep-frying.
Garnishing: some icing sugar.

1. Put all ingredients A into a mixing bowl, stir to mix well.
2. Add in vegetable shortening and rub lightly with fingers to combine together, by then mix in egg and water, knead lightly until forms dough, leave aside to rest for 20-25 minutes.
3. Place the dough on the table and roll it flat, cut into any desired length to form strips, bring both ends of one strip together and twist into a rope. Repeat this step until finished up all dough.
4. Deep-fry the twisted ropes in hot oil, medium heat until turns golden brown.
5. Remove and place on a piece of absorbent paper to cool down, sprinkle icing sugar on top to garnish.
6. Lastly, store them in air-tight container, DONE! =)

Here are my Twist of Luck Biscuits!

*It's really hard to roll them and fry them... as they break easily! So, becareful when you are rolling and frying them*

Hopefully I'll be lucky this whole year after making this biscuits! hahahahahaa... =P
So, happy trying! May u all be lucky too~~~ haha... =)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Laughing Golden Sesame Balls (笑口棗)~~~

My grandparents love to eat laughing golden sesame balls~
They have never failed to buy them whenever they are in Petaling Street!
So...I thought...why not try to make them?!
Hence, I did it today!
Thus, this is the FIRST attempt! And... It is a SUCCESS!!! =)
My family members love it! They say it is as good as the one sold in Petaling Street... LOL! XD
Not bad for a first time attempt eh??? =P

So, I would like to share the recipe with you guys!
Do give it a try! It's quite simple actually~ =)

A: 300g plain flour, 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 2-3 tablespoons of water.
B: 2 eggs, 120 caster sugar, 2 tablespoons of vegetable shortening.
Coating: some sesame seeds, 1 bowl of water.

1. Mix ingredients B lightly until well combined.
2. Then, gradually add in ingredients A, stir until become a dough.
3. Dish out and knead until smooth dough is formed.
4. Divide the dough into small portions, form it into balls.
5. Then, dip with some water and coat well with sesame seeds immediately.
6. Deep fry in hot oil at medium heat until golden brown and slightly cracked * the crack is like a smile, that is why it is called LAUGHING golden sesame balls! =) *

That's all! It's so simple right? =)

This is the end product~teee heee~~~

My laughing golden sesame balls~ they are not really round though~ hahaha...
Regardless of their kinda ugly appearance, they do taste good... hahaha..
Do give it a try guys!!!
Happy trying! =)