Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Famous hawker food in Kuching!!!

Here are some of the delicious hawker food which I have eaten at Kuching!!! YUMMYLICIOUS~~~ =)
Original Kolo Mee~ <3
This is my favourite! It's really delicious~ I just love the minced pork and "char siew"!!!
You should never miss this if you happen to be in Kuching~ hehe...
Cost : It's RM 3.00~
Location : Green Road~
Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! =) 

Handmade Kolo Mee~
This is another version of kolo mee~~~
The noodles is handmade! Thus, the noodles is more springy~ =)
Nevertheless, this kolo mee is without "char siew", only minced pork!
It's still delicious though~~~ =)
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location : Upland,  opposite Swinburne University~
*It's more expensive than the previous kolo mee rite??? huhu... But, after all, it's handmade right... That is why it more expensive... >.< *
Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

Green Kolo Mee~
This is also another version of kolo mee! It's also handmade~
The noodles is green colour as it's made of spinach~~~
So, it's really healthy~ =)
This is something new and different! Which you can only eat in Kuching!
* I have not seen such green noodles before... =) *
Cost : RM4.00~
Location : Sentral Park~
Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

Handmade Beef Noodles~
This is the soup~
This is Kuching's version of beef noodles~ * Unlike the famous beef noodles in Seremban~ *
The noodles is also handmade~
* I feel that it tasted something like kolo mee, the only difference is that... this is without minced pork, it's with beef~ So, it's something different... =) *
The soup is delicious though~ You can really taste the essence of beef... =)
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location : Upland, opposite Swinburne University~
Rating : 4 stars out of 5 stars! =)

Taiwan Style Beef Noodles~
This is another version of beef noodles in Kuching~
The Taiwan-style beef noodles, it's with soup!
* The soup is really delicious!!! I love the soup~ =) *
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location : Sentral Park~
Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

The famous "cucur udang" stall in Kuching~ =)
The famous "har peng" (cucur udang)!!! =)

This is the famous "har peng" (cucur udang) in Kuching!
The "har peng" is really CRISPY and DELICIOUS~ =)
There are a lot of different stuffs besides "har peng"...
There are fish balls, prawn balls, fish cakes, fried tofu, fried sweet potatoes and fried yam! =)
* The fried sweet potatoes were really SWEET! I love it! =) *
The chilli sauce really goes well with all of them~
There are crushed peanuts in the sauce too... that's why it's so delicious! =)
Cost : Varies! haha... one piece of "har peng" is 70cents. =)
Location : Old Rex Cucur Udang cafe, Rubber Road~
Rating : 5 stars out of 5 stars! * Perfection! =) *

Pork Satay! =)
This is the FAMOUS PORK SATAY at Carpenters Street! =)
The shop is really crowded! * Wherever there is good food, there is a crowd! =) *
Even the "mat salleh" (foreigners) said that the pork satay is DELICIOUS!!! hahaha...
The gravy on the satay makes it really yummy!
It is different from the ones which I had, which are dry... this one is covered with thick gravy!
So, I guess that is why... it is so tasty! =)
Cost : 60 cents per stick~ * I guess the price is kinda reasonable for a stick of delicious pork satay! teee heee~~~ *
Location : Carpenters Street~
Rating : 5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

P/S: The lady boss is kinda unfriendly though... She looks very grumpy.... >.< Well... just bear with it! 
Keep your eyes on the satays! not her face! hahaha...

Fish ball soup noodles~
This is fish ball soup noodles~ It's also from the same stall, the satay stall! =)
The noodles is the transparent type, "tang hoon"~
The fish balls and meat balls are very springy and delicious~ =)
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location : Carpenters Street~
Rating : 3.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

Banana fritters!
This is the FAMOUS banana fritters at Carpenters Street!
The stall is just opposite the satay shop~
The type of banana used is "pisang tanduk"~
I really love eating this banana fritters! As it's really SWEET and CRISPY! =)
Cost : 50 cents per piece~
Location : Carpenters Street~
Rating : 5 stars out of 5 stars~ =)

Belacan Bihun~ =)
This is Belacan Bihun~ =) It's also from the same "cucur udang" stall... * You can only eat this in Kuching! *
It's really something different! There are century eggs and squids~
The bihun is salty and sour~ Thus, it's really appetizing!!! =)
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location :  Old Rex Cucur Udang cafe, Rubber Road~
Rating : 4 stars out of 5 stars! =)

Mee Jawa~ =)
This is Mee Jawa! It's also from the "cucur udang" stall...
Mee Jawa can also be found in Kuching only~ =) * I have not tasted any Mee Jawa anywhere before... *
It's really quite special as there are a few sticks of chicken satays too!
Cost : RM 4.00~
Location : Old Rex Cucur Udang cafe, Rubber Road~
Rating : 3.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

"Kong Piah"
This is "kong piah"~
There are minced meat inside the bread... The bread is kinda crunchy too~
Cost : RM 1.00 per piece~
Location : Song Kheng Hai~
Rating : 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! =)

That's all for now~ Stay tuned for more delicious Kuching food!!! =)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Rachan Waterfall, Serian, Kuching!!!

After Bako National Park, we have decided to go to Ranchan Waterfall! =)
* Another nature getaway!!! WhEeeEEEee~~~~ *
It's actually Taman Rekreasi Ranchan~
It's located at Serian, about 60km from the Kuching City.
* It's about 45 minutes drive~ =) *

Welcome to Taman Rekreasi Ranchan!!! =)
This is the entrance~ The parking space is just opposite. There are ample parking space for everyone! =)

This is the cafeteria at the waterfall~
* So, you don't have to worry about bringing food there~ =) You won't starve there... haha... *

This the public toilet...entrance fee is 20cents~
* You can change in the toilet after swimming. However, there is no shower...There is only a small pipe... =( 
Nevertheless, you can always use that to bath if you want to~ haha... =) *

I saw this cute dog near the cafeteria! It was eating a bun~ So CUTE!!! =)
This is the park's regulations~ 
* Keep in mind the Do's and Don'ts of this park!!! *

The waterfall~ <3

I had been there last year... but, I did not prepare for swimming... huhu...
So, this time... I was well-prepared!!!  =)
The water was really COLD! It was freezing!!! >.<
But, after awhile, my body got used to the chill....and I was starting to enjoy the cool chilly water~ hehehe...

Enjoying the chilly water!!! =)

Besides enjoying the chilly water, I was also enjoying FISH SPA!!! hahaha...
* This is the reason why I wanted to go to Ranchan Waterfall once again!!! =) I really miss those fishes...LOL*
Those fishes were cleaning all the dead skin on my foot~~~
It was kinda ticklish at first, but once you got used to it, it was really enjoyable and relaxing~ teee heee~
* FREE fish spa!!! =) *
So, why pay RM 10 for 10 minutes for fish spa??? 
You can just go to Ranchan Waterfall to enjoy the FREE fish spa~~~ hehehe....

Enjoying FISH SPA!!! Teee heeee~~~~ <3
The fishes' favourite foot! Guess whose is that... LOL!
That's all from me at the Ranchan Waterfall~~~ =)
Do visit this wonderful place if you have the chance!
I am sure that you will enjoy yourself at this place! hehe...

P/S : I hope to go again next time! As... I am starting to miss those fishes and FREE FISH SPA already~ haha...=)

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Friday, 26 August 2011

30 days of me~~~

Day 12 – Your favourite colour

My favourite colour is BLACK! =)
Black is a elegant colour~~~
I love black colour outfits! As they make me look slimmer~~~ hehehe...
I can also match them easily~ Black goes with every colour! 
That is why I like BLACK~ =) 

Pretty black dress from ZARA~ <3

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bako National Park, Kuching~

Bako trip was exciting but yet... tiring! huhu...
*Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak, established in 1957~*
Let me take you to Bako National Park in this post~ =)
So, here the journey starts~ hehehe...
There were altogether 12 of us~

Kuching City to Kampung Bako
From Kuching to Kampung Bako, it took about 40 minutes drive. *It is about 37km from Kuching city*
Do not worry of getting lost... as there are many sign boards around showing the route to the national park~ =)
We reached there at about 9 am~
There is a visitor registration counter at the boat jetty of Kampung Bako...
We registered at the center and pay the entrance fee~
Being students, we only paid RM50 for 12 person...So, it's about RM 4.20 per student~ =)
* I really do not know exactly how much per student...as I heard, they gave us discount~ hehe.. 
But, I guess it should be RM5 per student~So, remember to bring your student card if you are a student! *
For adults, it's RM 10 per person. 

You can see this at the visitor registration counter~
The boat jetty at Kampung Bako~

Beware of crocodiles!!! =)

Kampung Bako to Bako National Park (Park Headquarter)
Then, we took a boat to the national park~
It's RM 18 per person for 2-way trip. You will need to add another RM7 in order to board the boat at Pandan Kecil Beach. So, it's RM 25 altogether~ =)
* No student price for the boat ride! >.< *
The boat ride was about 15 minutes to Bako National Park.

This is our boat number 8! On the way to Bako National Park~ Wheee~~~ =)  

The beautiful scenery by the sea~

Look at those excited faces~ LOL...
Almost arrive at Bako National Park~ =)
Welcome to Bako National Park~ =)
The moment when we arrived there, there were two wild boars walking towards the beach! LOL...
Tthis is the first time I see wild boars with my own eyes!
*Frankly speaking, they were really kinda ugly-looking~ No offense though... hehehe *

The two wild boars from afar~
Then, we walk to the environment education center for a short briefing... We were  also given a map. =)

Park Headquater
This the map of Bako~
This is some of the trail~
Park Headquarter to Telok Pandan Kecil * accidentally detoured to Telok Paku >.<*
After the briefing at the center, we were supposed go to Telok Pandan kecil... It's 2.5km walk~
There will be a beach there~ and we were supposed to board the boat back to Kampung Bako there~
But, the 5 of us took the wrong turn and headed to Telok Paku..huhu... So, we wasted more than 40 minutes and walked for another 1.6km... huhu...

How on earth we did not see this sign?!!! >.<

Heading to jungle trekking...all smiles~ =)

Posing as if I'm not tired... haha...
Walking, walking and walking... huhu... 
We walked back to the initial starting point and walked for another 1 and a half hour to reach our destination! huhuhu... >.<  
*Everyone was really tired already...after detouring to the wrong destination...*

Still managed to smile for the camera though~ =)

This is the sandy trail to Telok Pandan Kecil
The wooden little bridge~
It was really HOT! Luckily I brought an umbrella~ =P

After 1 and a half hour, we had finally reached the peak of Telok Pandan Kecil~
The scenery from the peak was simply BREATHTAKING!!! =)

The breathtaking scenery~ =)

Posing at the peak~ =)

After enjoying the scenery at the peak, we went down to the beach! =)
The beach was AWESOME~ hehe...

The beautiful beach~
Posing happily at the beach~ =)

Lyng, Anthony, Eric, Phoebe and Winnie had checked in at Telok Pandan Kecil beach~
My boyfriend loves me~ teee heee...=)
We returned back to Kampung Bako at 3pm~ The boat arrived early and was waiting for us already~
* The boatman was really punctual! =) *

On the way back, we saw a lot exotic limestones~ Here are some of them~ =)

Arrived at Kampung Bako~
The whole trip only cost RM29.20!
Not too bad for a jungle trekking experience + exotic scenery + beautiful sandy beach~ hehe...
Do visit Bako National Park if you happen to go Kuching~
It would be terrific for nature-lovers!!!
It's a perfect spot to appreciate God's creation~~~

So, that's all folks~ The END of Bako National Park trip~ exhausted and yet satisfied... =)

P/S: Stay tuned for MORE KUCHING DELICACIES!!! teee heee~ =)