Sunday, 9 September 2012

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kuching Sarawak

I went to Kuching, Sarawak again this year! 
And.. this time.. I got to see the orangutans!!! =)
They are at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
The centre is about 45 mins drive from Kuching town
The orangutans here are not caged. They live freely in the jungle! I have only seen caged ones in zoos~ 
So, this is my first time watching orangutans which are free to roam everywhere they like in the jungle!!! Actually, at first I'm kinda afraid that they will attack humans. But, they didn't of course! Hahaha... So, don't worry! They will not harm anyone! =)

This is the centre~
Price list for the ticket and the orangutan feeding time~
 You can only see the orangutans during the feeding time! As during this time, they will be out to get food! =)
Different price for non-Malaysians

The ticket counter~
 You need to buy your ticket before driving in to the centre. The ticket counter is just outside~ You can definitely see it when you arrive at the centre. =)

My ticket~ RM5.00 =)

 Arrived at the main entrance to the jungle! There is a parking space near the entrance.

There is a public toilet here, don't worry~ haha.. Besides, you can also buy drinks here! =)

Walking in the jungle to meet the orangutans! =)
Me and dear! =)
Again! haha.. =)

Pictures of the families of orangutans~

Everybody is waiting for the orangutans~
We are asked to keep quiet while watching the orangutans as noises might scare them away.
So, sHhhHhhhhhHHhhhhh~~~ hahaha...
And... we are not allowed to feed them! Remember! =P
They are here!!!
The ranger will put some fruits on the platform and the orangutans will take their food there~
I saw them eating watermelon, papaya, pineapple, and coconut!
I think they love coconuts! This is because, I saw a orangutan trying to get some coconut from another's so funny.. as if it is persuading the other to give him some of the coconut..haha...and at last, it still failed to get some of the coconut! Too bad... =P
It's amazing to watch how they eat the coconuts! They will peel the husks and then knock the coconut against the tree to break it! They are really smart! =)

Here are some friendly reminders to be taken note!

The orangutan is taking food from the ranger~
 There is only one orangutan which came as near as this!!! huhu...

 All the orangutans will go back to the jungle after they have eaten. Too bad.. I din't get to see Richie! The oldest orangutan there... he's huge! >.<
 Nevertheless, I am happy to see some of the orangutans! and there is one..with a baby hanging on to her! It was so cute! =)
Think nature, Love Nature, Be with nature~ <3
 Do come and see the orangutans yourself if you have a chance! =)
And enjoy the nature~ hehehe...