Thursday, 20 October 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book fair!

Big Bad Wolf Book fair is the biggest book fair which I have ever been to, in Malaysia! =)
It was held at South City Plaza last year~
This year, the book fair is held at MAEPS!!! really near to my university, UPM!
I was really excited when I got to know that "The Big bad Wolf" is BACK! hehehehe~~~

There are a lot of different kinds of books there~ ranging from novels, encyclopedia, cookery books, business books, computer books, books for Dummies, children's books, dictionary and many more!!!
Plus, I really think that the location for this year is really strategic!!! As there are plenty of car parks in Maeps and they also provide shuttle bus to bring people to the book fair from the car park! It's really convenient! =)

This the shuttle bus!

The Entrance to the book fair! =)

There were really a lot of people there!!! >.<
You can get your books stamped here!!! =)
Stamped! <3
Another design! I love this! =)
This book fair was held for more than 1 week! And... I have been there for THREE times!!! hahaha...
My boyfriend and I spent more than RM200 altogether during our THREE visits to Big Bad Wolf book fair!
I know... It's really CRAZY!
But, I cant stop myself from buying the books...... as they are really DARN CHEAP!!! There are books which cost only RM3, RM 5, RM 8, RM 10, ... and the most expensive ones are RM30! Cheap right? >.<
I know that if I don't buy now, I will not have the chance to get those books for such a CHEAP price anymore... at least... not until NEXT YEAR! for the Big Bad Wolf to be back!
So, who cares whether I have the time to read them or not... I just grab what I feel like reading! hahaha..
I have gotten myself some cookery books, classics novels, novels on vampires and ghost stories,  * MY FAVOURITE! teee hee~ *!

Here are all my books! =)
My classics! =)
My cookery books! on cakes and chocolate! YUMMY! =)
My series of "Get Spooked"! =)
The title says it all! LOL
This is a very interesting children's story book! and the graphics are just SUPERB!
The story line is also very funny.. haha... and of course! There is a moral value to be learned here! =)
Children will definitely love this book~ At least... My boyfriend really love this book! hahahhaa...
He looks like a kid when he's reading it! He was so amazed by the graphics! =)

My novels on vampires and ghost stories~ hehe...
My boyfriend's obsession! His POP-UP book!!!
Mine and his~ <3
Me posing with the Big Bad WOLF! =)

My boyfriend's turn~ LOL
The map to the book fair! =)
My bookmark form Big Bad Wolf! =)
Hopefully, I will have the time to read all my books! Actually... I think... I NEED to find time to read them! hehehe... and... I will definitely go to the book fair again next year! hehehe...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

FREE perfume samples from ESCADA!!!

FREE perfume samples from ESCADA!!!
Get it NOW!
Just click HERE and request for it now!

There are two samples perfume to choose from!
Especially Escada and Taj Sunset!!!

Especially ESCADA~~~

Taj Sunset~~~

However...they only deliver Especially Escada to Malaysia! ToOOoOooo BAD!!! >.<
So, just request for your free sample now~ =)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

30 days of ME~~~ < Day 16 >

Alright! let's continue with day 16! hehe...

Day 16 – What’s in your purse?

There are quite a few things in my purse! 
Definitely... I have some cash... but... not much... hahaha... I am really frank about this! 
Then, I have all sorts of cards... my debit cards, Jusco card, Greenbox card,  Bookstore membership card and etc...
Besides, I also have quite a few receipts in my purse... waiting for me to dispose during my free time.. hahaha...
I normally just chuck the receipts into my purse whenever I purchase something... that is why my purse is filled with receipts... huhu...
* I must really clear them soon... @_@ *
Last but not least, I have a picture of my boyfriend in my purse! teeee heeee~~~~ =)

Friday, 7 October 2011

My FREE sample from Lip Ice has finally arrived!

Finally... my free sample from Lip Ice has arrived today!!! I have waited for more than 3 months! >.<
Nevertheless, I am really happy with the product!
It's Lip Ice Fruity! It's a lip gloss~ =)
I really love this product as it gives my lips a cooling sensation!
Personally, I have tried quite a few different brands of lip gloss... but, I have not come across one which has a cooling sensation! So, it's really unique! and... it smells really good! like something sweet! =)

So, here is the CUTE sample! It's strawberry flavour! =)

My CUTE LITTLE sample lip gloss... =)
* I'm really addicted to it now! addicted to the cooling sensation!!! hahaha... Thanks Lip Ice! =) *

30 days of ME~~~ < Day 15 >

I guess I should really update my journey of  "30 days of me".... haha... 
It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog too! huhuhu....
I was kinda busy with classes as well as playing tennis... hehe...
So, here is DAY 15!!! =)

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

Hurmmm... I will definitely bring my hand phone along whenever I leave my house!
I guess it's the most important thing which I cannot leave the house without. 
Sometimes, I do leave my purse at home... haha... 
But, FOR SURE... I will bring my hand phone along! In case... something pops up or whatsoever... =)
So, the answer to DAY 15 is my HAND PHONE!!! teee heee~~~

There are 15 more days to go! Stay tuned~~~ =) 

* Oh lazy me... please be more hardworking in updating the blog!!! huhuhu... *

My FREEBIES have arrived again! hehe...

More FREEBIES have arrived!!! WheeeeEeEeeE~~~
I have received my FREE sample of Bio True multi-purpose solution and Biore's makeup remover sample yesterday!
The Biore's makeup remover is really CUTE! and... it's PINK! =)
I will definitely use it to remove my mascara and eye-liner... hehe...
* I love freeebiessss~~~ hahaha... *